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We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to write to us at; we will gladly answer your queries.


Q. Is Ankur Gahlot a company, studio or an individual?

A. Ankur Gahlot is a professional photographer from Ghaziabad. Over the years of his journey, he has had many well-known professional and freelance photographers, cinematographers joining him, and becoming an integral part of his vision, namely, “To put a SMILE on the face of our client”. Our aim is to provide quality professional photography services to clients such as they have never experienced before, and especially to those who are looking to make their wedding their most cherished memory. In a nutshell, Ankur Gahlot consists of a team of Best Wedding professionals working under one name.


Q. What is your area of specialty and what kind of services do you offer?

A. Our core specialty is Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding Films, Fashion Photography, Product Photography. We provide complete services in these areas.


Q. What kind of Wedding Services do you provide?

A. We provide complete wedding package solutions, whether it is pre-wedding shoots, candid photography, traditional wedding photography, or wedding films.


Q. What are your Wedding Packages? Do you have any fixed packages for Weddings?

A. No two people are alike, so their requirements cannot be the same as well. A slim fit dress cannot fit someone who is a medium, and vice versa. So is the case with us. We do not have fixed wedding packages that suits all, and thus have to customize and fine-tune it according to your individual’s needs.


Q. Can you customize the Wedding Package according to our budget?

A. We do not compromise on the quality of our work, but we do always try to work out packages that are balanced and value for money for both parties.


Q. What would be the guarantee that we will be getting best result.

A. It is always a team effort that creates magic in wedding photography. A wedding event coverage is a big responsibility. As a client you will be putting your faith and trust in our hands. At Ankurgahlot, Ankur and his team goes through all details and requirements of a wedding. We aim to have deliver exceptional results every time, and set very high standards for others and the team.


Q. What is the style of work at Ankur Gahlot?

A. We love using unique perspectives, compositions, angles, creative lighting, and an artistic post-production, to bring out our clients personalities and beauty while telling their wedding story. We pride ourselves on delivering wedding images and wedding films that are not only storytelling, but also where one can re-live their special moments again and again.


Q. Do you accept wedding assignments outside of Delhi?

A. Yes we do! We are open to going anywhere in the world, as long as the client takes responsibility for getting us there, and providing us a clean accommodation!


Q. How big will be your crew team?

A. It depends on the size of expected guest parties. We have great teams of between four and twenty. We will not compromise on quality, so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would be requiring.


Q. What kind of cameras and equipment do you use?

A. A client should understand, that it is the cameraperson who produces artistic and memorable images. The camera is only a medium to help them take pictures or film. Never the less to answer the question, we have equipped ourselves with the latest high-end technologies available, so we can produce high quality results. We are also committed to upgrading our equipment and technologies from time to time.


Q. How many pictures do you click at an event? Is there a limit? Will I get all pictures?

A. There is no limit for clicking pictures, but we do not click senselessly. Once clicked, we process them, eliminating test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions, duplicate images, and other images that may affect the final product. We give you all the raw data once the work contract is complete.


Q. Do you also provide Wedding Albums?

A. We provide complete solutions related to wedding photography and wedding films. We do provide wedding albums depending on what kind of wedding package is being sought.


Q. What kind of Wedding albums do you provide?

A. We offer coffee table books made by various branded companies as per the choice of the customer, i.e. based upon number of selection of pictures, cover selected, size of the book and brand opted by the customer. The company at that given time will finalize all prices as per prevailing rates. Please ask about the quote at the time of placing the order.


Q. What is the duration of wedding related films that you make?

A. We provide you with two films:

One will be a short Teaser Film around 3-4 min covering all your functions. The second would be a full-length film showing all the proceedings of the all events as they happen.

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